February 25, 2019

Yes, I am still alive! Whoo, whoo.  I took a hiatus for a while but I’m back.  I thought I would just write some fun (?) things to begin with… I hope that’s okay.

Things I have never said and likely never will

Never say never.

Wow, my first brand new car!

Whoa, that’s WAY too much bacon.

The institutional church is perfect in every way.

The institutional church is sort of perfect.

The institutional church is adequate. (you get the idea)

Diabetes isn’t really that big of a deal.

Being a Christian is fun AND easy.

Professional athletes are woefully underpaid.

Seminary teaches pastors everything they need to know.

My wife made a great choice for a husband.

I am overflowing with confidence.

Stop! Stop! No more ice cream.  (No sugar added, of course)

I sort of like the Cleveland Browns.

Marriage is overrated.

I really like cats, rats, spiders, stink bugs, snakes…

Grandchildren… whatever

The Word of God is boring.

I wish I had been raised in another country.

God has blessed me in ways that I totally deserve.

I once owned a Corvair… best car ever!

Almost 65 years old… I feel like a kid again.

I understand God fully… just ask me.

Can I have another piece of liver, please?

Cell phones are the best things ever.

I love social media… particularly how it teaches young people relational skills.

Our culture is getting kinder and kinder.

I love politicians.

There are thousands of protestant denominations in the world… we need more.

Cartoons are so much better than they used to be.

Rude, ignorant people inspire me.

Bullying is an essential part of life… get over it.

My wife is amazing… oh wait… I have said that many times.

Being an “island” is a good idea.

Contemporary music is my favorite.

Losing friends isn’t that bad. And they are easily replaced.

I like driving in traffic… it stimulates my senses.

Of course God died for me… why wouldn’t He?!


I’m sure there are thousands more.