A few personal, thought provoking, fun, brilliant insights

August 26, 2016

As some of you know I golf. Notice I didn’t say, “I’m a golfer.”  That implies things that are just not true.  Things like saying on a regular basis, “Honey, I’m going to the range to hit a bucket of balls.” Or, “Hey kids, get me golf balls and gloves for Christmas.”  Or even, “Ellen, I have 5 hours to do nothing so I’m going to go play golf ALL BY MYSELF.”  Um… I don’t think so.  Mostly it has to do with who I’m playing with that makes the game fun.  Hitting little white golf balls with friends and folks from the church is great.  If I had the opportunity to play with… say… Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton and… um… Satan… I would pass.  I guess I fall into the “average” range.  For you non golfers that means (at least to me), if I golf in the low 90’s for 18 holes I feel pretty good about myself.  Which by extension means that if I golf in the low 80’s I’m ecstatic!  Over 9 holes a low 40 score is really cool… below 40… well… honestly I’m not sure about that yet.  This past week I golfed an 85 for 18 holes.  I was thrilled.  I have to say however, that the clown mouth hole was difficult and the windmill with the little zig zag water hazards was next to impossible!  I’ll keep you posted.

Question: Should worship ever be “fun?”  Conversely, if something in church is “fun,” is it worship?

Ellen and I found out a week or so ago that we are going to be grandparents for the first time. Two thoughts:  First, we saw one of those sonogram pictures.  (I really wanted to spell it “sauna-gram” since the developing baby will be floating in warm fluid for the next several months but…).  Anyway, it looks like Christina (my daughter-in-law) will be giving birth to a kidney bean.  Second thought: so much for any disposable income I might have even dreamed of having.

Question: In the context of worship, what does “reverent” mean or look like?

Serious question: Is there anything on television that falls under the category of “wholesome”?  You know “Little House on the Prairie”-like?

Naturally the answer to the last question has everything to do with what our definition of “wholesome” is. And that’s really the issue, isn’t it?

I’m in a weekly book study with two of my young adult children (Rebekah and Benjamin). The topics are either “Christian development” or “youth ministry.”  We just started a book by a women who did a study on “what kids know about Jesus.”  (Her research also included adults, to some degree).  How much kids (including “church kids”) know about Jesus is predictable and appalling.  How little adults know on the other hand is downright depressing.  How do we call Someone our “Lord” when we know next to nothing about them?  Yeah I don’t know either.

If you had your choice, would worship be: reverent, inspirational, entertaining, reminiscent, challenging, liturgical, or “worship should be like it was when I was younger. After all… if I had to sit through it so should ‘they’!”  (Believe it or not, I have actually had that last statement said to me by folks!)

I really like it when sermons are: “short but boring.”  “Long but entertaining.”

I turned 62 last week. It feels very much like… um… 61.

You know… the great thing about being in my 60’s… not only do I forget why I entered rooms… my joints hurt at the same time. COOL!

Answer the following question. The three things about Jesus I find most compelling are….

If you were to chart the direction of your Christian growth what would it look like? 1.  A path to the netherworld.  2.  A jet taking off.  3.  The stock market.

If I had to choose sermons would be: “Short but pointless.”  “Long but relevant.”

I think people should worship God corporately _______ times per year.

This question is for those who have children and grandchildren. On a scale of 1-10 how much concern do you have for your children’s and grandchildren’s spiritual well-being?  What is your strategy for teaching them about Jesus?

I worship God corporately _______ times per year.

Is faith one of those personal things that we should never talk about… even to our kids?

I wish I had a picture of every car I have ever owned. No particular reason, but they would fill an album.

If our children know nothing about Jesus… who’s responsible for that?

Back to golf… I’m right handed and I wear an XL glove… just sayin.

FYI… John the Baptist speaking about Jesus – John 3:30 30 He must become greater; I must become less.



2 thoughts on “A few personal, thought provoking, fun, brilliant insights

  1. Congratulations. Being a GRANDPARENT IS AWWSOME!!!! My answer to one of your questions is the sermon should be inspiring whether long or short.

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