A Voting Guide… sort of

June 7, 2016

I like the late Spring through the Fall much more than the Winter months but not for all the reasons you might think. I often meet with folks here at the church in the evenings… couples getting married, counseling sessions, committee meetings…  When that occurs I am generally the last one to leave the building.  In the Spring-Fall months I mentioned, sunset isn’t until 9:00 p.m. or so and it generally hasn’t gotten fully dark when I am exiting.  All of that to say this:  Because the Winter months bring sunset so much earlier, it is WAY CREEPY in the church building in the dark all by myself.  Seriously!  And… I don’t know what’s worse… that I’m 61 years old and I still find it creepy to be in a large empty building alone in the dark… or that I use the word “creepy.”  Oh wait, this was supposed to be about voting.  Sorry.

Okay, so let me help you with this presidential election. First of all let’s dispense with the alternative parties.  I mean you along with 5 other people can vote for the Libertarian, or the Communist, or the Green party, or anyone else who chooses to waste gobs of money on a hopeless cause.  If that is your choice then you can stop reading now and go cast your ballot.  But if you are trying to decide what to do about one of the two leading candidates, then immerse yourself in the wisdom found below.

There have never been two “perfect” candidates running for president, as best I can tell. It’s just that the level of imperfection this year has reached an all time disgusting high.  We are either going to elect an untrustworthy, lying, potential criminal who will say anything and everything to be President.  Or we will have a loose cannon, mean spirited, narcissist.  Pick your poison.

Christian people, stop talking about faith issues in regard to these candidates! Just STOP IT!!!! There is little point since neither of them should be mistaken for someone with a soul.  Pretty sure they both sold them a long time ago.

What to do, what to do? I could be wrong but it appears the conventional “wisdom” (I use that term loosely) for choosing candidates, or those for whom we will vote, has gone out the window.  Either way we are rolling the dice.  So we need to focus on a different issue.  Or at least we need to focus exclusively on something other than taxes, foreign policy, immigration, women’s issues, how “Presidential” someone might be (whatever that means?!?!), how much of a liar someone is…  You know…the usual stuff.

It should come as no surprise that in many ways the Supreme Court sets the moral trajectory for our country. In recent decades many who advocate for difficult issues in our land have bypassed Congress and have taken their cause to the “Judges Extraordinaire.”  The Court then has become a “law making” entity as opposed to a “law clarifying” entity.  Not the way the system was designed, but it is where we are in this day and age.

Are you ready? Here is the wisdom and the criteria.  Rumor has it the next President will appoint 3-4 new Justices.  A very real possibility for a moral swing.  So, if you feel good about the moral course of our country then I would suggest that you vote for the criminal; if not, and you think the Federal Government has overstepped its bounds in some moral sense then vote for the narcissist.  It’s actually that simple… or dreadful… depending on which side of the bed you got up from this morning.  And of course there are no guarantees with either candidate… NONE.  There is absolutely no way of knowing what either of them can or will do…  For those who find that frightening… let me say two things.  First, that’s the same as it has always been in these elections.  I am forever stunned by those who get sucked in by candidates who say outrageous things on the campaign trail and folks actually BELIEVE THEM!!!  Oh my goodness.  I want to find those people and sell them some property in the Everglades.  Second, trust our system to some degree (not fully).  We do have a few checks and balances left that might help a bit in warding off craziness.  Sort of.

So, whoever you vote for (And I would encourage you to vote. I know it’s like eating Brussels sprouts or liver!), you might want to keep it to yourself.  It could be that no matter who wins, a lot of people will need to be apologizing because they were too verbose about their choice.

By the way… any idea what the Bible says about all this? Here it is:

1 Timothy 2

2 I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.

If you are not praying for those in positions of political authority (and I would think these prayers ought to be compassionate and positive… hoping those servants might seek God), then please don’t tell people about your faith. It just makes real Christians look bad.

Um… “good luck”… I guess?


2 thoughts on “A Voting Guide… sort of

  1. Whoever gets elected as President is important, but it is possible for the Kingdom of God to become strong even as the kingdom of man declines. God’s program for His people is not tied to the next election; Christianity has survived in countries where there was no freedom of religion. We are to be faithful no matter who is elected.. America’s moral decline is a spiritual problem, not a political one, and its solution is the Bible, not partisan politics. No matter who is in office, whether we voted for them or not, whether they are of the political party we prefer or not, the Bible commands us to respect and honor them, I just pray that we as a nation make the correct choice.

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