Each to his own?

June 29, 2015
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Last weekend I got to do one of the most amazing, surreal, and meaningful things I have ever done in my life. It might not sound so great to you but “each to his own” right? And to some degree that’s the theme of this rumination… “each to his own” but not in the sense you might think. I drove to Lexington, Kentucky and spent 3 days at a ship’s reunion for my father’s Destroyer Escort from WW 2. I’ll write about this some other time in greater detail. Mostly I want to tell you about an incident that occurred on the trip down to Kentucky.

It’s about a 6 hour drive to Lexington from Elizabeth, PA, all interstate. I hit several violent thunder storms on the way. On one occasion the water was coming down so hard I turned on my flashers, headlights, and slowed down to 45 mph or so. Even then I could feel my car hydroplaning across the top of the pavement. It was dangerous. At one point a car passed me on my left going in excess of 80 mph, I’m guessing. I literally felt like I was standing still! I wondered to myself, “What is that person thinking! Are they not aware of the danger?” Sometimes I guess we speed through the circumstances of life with little concern or cognizance of the potential peril that awaits us down the road.

It was only 2 miles before I had to slow down further because something was afoot and cars were decelerating. I passed my 80+ mph “friend’s” car sitting on its roof in the middle of the road… I don’t know how many times it flipped. There were already too many people lending aid so I didn’t stop. I have no idea if the passengers survived or were injured. I just know they did not assess the danger of their speed, or didn’t care… I don’t know which.

I sense the direction in which our nation is moving is very much like this accident. We are speeding down a dangerous road taking no opportunity to assess the consequences of our decisions. The most recent pronouncement by our Supreme Court to approve gay marriage across the Nation is one more nail in the coffin of Western Civilization, albeit a big nail. Our decline into further immorality, debauchery, selfishness, and blindness will not allow us to avoid “flipping the car onto its roof.” And our rejection of God causes further peril as we no longer have a rudder to enact moral or ethical judgments.

No doubt some will read this and say “Chicken Little is at it again.” Pun aside, I’m good with that moniker. However in this case I think the story ends differently. It’s interesting to note that England was THE leading nation in the world only 100 years ago. They were also the country that exported more missionaries than any other nation, i.e., the focal point of Christianity in the world. With all due respect to my British friends, England is now a footnote. Seriously, who really cares about what England says or thinks any longer? They declined dramatically in their faith and they declined in their direction as a nation. They’re not on the roof yet but…

No one can predict with any certainty what the years ahead hold for us as a nation… no matter what side of this issue on which you find yourself. I am fully aware that what I have written here is simply my opinion. That being said, decline into immorality has not served cultures well over the centuries. Turning from God or gods has done little if anything to strengthen civilizations. I have no idea how far off in the distance our accident will be, but we are driving way too fast down a dangerous road.

So what about this “each to his own” thing? Well, without going into a long diatribe about what that might mean, the truth is we cannot have a functioning society if everyone does whatever they want, right? There have to be “rules, laws, morals, ethics…” that are agreed upon to some extent. We are in serious disagreement!

The Bible uses the phrase “gird up your loins” on numerous occasions. It was intended to warn men in particular to tuck their robes in because something dangerous and life threatening was about to confront them and they didn’t want to be encumbered by clothing hanging about. Well Christian people, gird up your loins. The Faith in our nation is clearly in decline and danger is afoot. “Gird up your loins and click the seat belt.” The car is flipping.


3 thoughts on “Each to his own?

  1. If you look back in history and study other powerful nations that have fallen such as the Romans, you can see that the legalization of homosexuality was the last major social change that typically takes place before the entire society and nation itself becomes extinct or conquered by a more powerful and faith based empire. History always repeats itself

  2. “Click the seatbelts” (be aware persecution is coming) yes then share the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ as God’s Holy Spirit gives each of us opportunity.

  3. Your blog made me cry because it is so true. I have the feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. Where is this world headed?
    I feel like I sound like my grandparents when I say I am glad I am getting old and hopefully will not live to see the “accident” that is surely to happen.
    I hardly go on Facebook lately because I don’t want to see everyone’s photo covered in the “rainbow”.
    It is really scary. Even my kids are indifferent to what is happening. They say, “What is the big deal? Those people can do what they want. They are not hurting me.”
    I try to explain how this WILL hurt them eventually and I am looked at like I am crazy. I try to ask them to look further. What do they think a family will look like?
    They reply, “What do families look like now?” And sadly, they are correct. Most people don’t have the family anymore that consisted of a mom and dad and some siblings. I went to a grad party recently and it was so weird trying to figure out who was who. The kid’s mom and dad were never married to each other and have since
    gotten married to others. One is divorced from that marriage and remarried. So there were like 6 sets of grandparents and numerous moms, step moms and dads and half sisters and brothers and step sisters and brothers, etc, etc. So weird.

    My cousin’s daughter has “come out of the closet” professing to be a Lesbian and 2 of my friends in NJ have daughters that are now also professing the same.

    Jena Lucza has been in contact with me recently as she is now back in the area. Her foster parents are 2 Lesbian woman and Jena professes to be transgender stating she is legally changing her name to Austin. I really don’t know how to deal with that. I took her out to breakfast last week trying to be supportive of her decision to attend Community College and hoping to be a positive influence for her but I am repulsed at what she is becoming. I really don’t know how to deal with that. I feel I need to support her but I really don’t want to.

    Your blog is so right on. We are in for the biggest fight of our lives.
    Sue Prota

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