Stupid & important things we do

February 2, 2015

So where have I been you ask? Please humor me and say you have at least thought of that! Anyway for the past 2 1/2 weeks now, I have been hacking up a lung, pancreas and a small unidentified object that looks like the remnants of a toy from my childhood. They call this condition an “upper respiratory infection.” I just call it a whole lot of congestion, coughing, mild fever on occasion and my teeth and eyes hurting from the pressure. But that’s just me. Feeling much better now… thanks for asking. On to more important things.

Like most people, I have done a few, shall I say, irresponsible, unwise, maybe even stupid things in my life. Like what you ask? Well, for example I remember as a young kid my best friend Tommy and I hitting an aerosol can of white paint with an ax to see what would happen. I seem to recall we were in his garage. Wannna know what transpired? Well… wait… I have a better idea. Why don’t you give it a go yourself? You can get a can of paint at The Dollar General for not much more than a buck. And if you don’t have an ax, a hammer will probably work. I would recommend using the claw end. Lay the can on its side, preferably beside your brand new expensive car, or in your living room where you were already planning on painting and replacing the furniture. Anyway, one swift whack ought to do the trick. Get back to me with the results. Lest anyone want to try this little trick remember I began this segment with the words “irresponsible, unwise, maybe even stupid.”

On another occasion I jumped off of the roof of our house holding a sheet by the four corners. Yeah, you get it. Here’s what happened. No, wait… why spoil it for you? Anyone can do this and you don’t even have to buy anything. I will say that the higher the roof the better, since it gives more chance for the sheet to open and theoretically slow your very rapid descent. If my memory of physics will help I think you will fall at the rate of F=mg but you’ll find all that out for yourself. I should say by way of warning, that if you have had a recent knee or hip replacement, this is not the activity for you. But if you want a joint replacement… grab a sheet!

I could go on. But let me say this… even with the dense, doltish, reckless, stupid, harebrained, crazy things I and many others have done, I will at least not go down in history as the coach who called the dumbest play in Super Bowl History! You didn’t see that coming did you?

Seriously?!?!? What the heck were they thinking? They have the possibility of running 3 plays to pick up one yard. They have the most brutish running back in the league in their backfield. One or two timeouts left. Do they run the ball? Nope, they decide to throw it. Where? Right into the middle of the field where everybody and their mothers are lined up. Yeah, seriously their mothers were there too! Well, we all know what happened.

Okay I know that there are way more important things in the world. I know that there are people who have little if anything to eat. I know that children are dying by the thousands from disease and lack of proper nutrition. I know that countries are at war. I know that crazy people under the banner of their religion are murdering innocent women and children. I know there are deep concerns about economic realities around the world. I know that North Korea is an unpredictable mess. I know that the Middle East is an irresolvable nightmare. I know that concerns about nuclear weapons are a reality again. I know that in the time it took me to write this paragraph thousands around the world have died with no hope because they have never known Jesus Christ.

All of that being said, there are times when we have to remove ourselves from the grave and depressing realities of our world and allow a distraction now and then. But let’s keep in mind that these things are only diversions from the things that we as Believers ought to be very concerned about. If we live in the emotional moments that are caused by sporting events or other forms of entertainment, then our lives are shallow and one wonders if our skin is worth toting around. What is important to you today? What is something in your life that is worthy of your passion? Let’s get back to it. The Super Bowl is over.

Speaking of the Super bowl…I don’t know about you but the whole thing made me feel downright deflated.


One thought on “Stupid & important things we do

  1. A little behind here, but I like your comment “If we live in the emotional moments that are caused by sporting events or other forms of entertainment, then our lives are shallow and one wonders if our skin is worth toting around.” Throw in the Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars, etc…, which are even reported upon by the media. Unfortunately, it’s taken me nearly 60 years to realize the validity and wisdom of your statement. Better late than never!

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