Skyline Drive

May 17, 2013

Ellen and I are taking a week vacation. We decided to drive down Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway… at least part way down the Parkway. If you have never done this I can’t tell you how breathtaking the views are from the heights of these mountains. Pictures don’t really do them justice.

On the third night we stayed in Lexington VA the home of two small colleges; Washington and Lee, and Virginia Military Institute otherwise known as VMI. Robert E. Lee was the president of Washington and Lee after the Civil War and Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson taught at VMI before the war began. Both of those men found their final resting place in Lexington. Lee is entombed at the college and Jackson is buried in a local cemetery. If you are not familiar with these two men I can’t really fill you in here but suffice it to say….


[This is all that Bill saved onto the memory stick. If I find more, I will add it later.]


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