More Everglades

May 23, 2012

Okay… The Everglades… what does one say about flat, jungle, humid, hot terrain? Well, we were told and had read that we might, just might, see an alligator, or a panther, or maybe a mosquito or two. Then the first thing our guide told us was that the very poisonous water moccasin had been particularly active and we needed to be on the lookout for them… THAT BECAME THE FOCUS OF MY DAY!!!

On Tuesday we took a 6 mile hike into The Everglades. Down a long dirt road which emptied into a mammoth field. Frankly, there was little to see… it was mostly the anticipation of actually seeing something that held my attention. I did taste an orange from a wild orange tree… it was the most sour thing that I have ever put into my mouth! It was much more like a lemon. And my brother-in-law chuck “called” in an owl using the sounds from his cell phone… technology, ain’t it grand?!

In some ways our guide had a much more exciting day than we did. He had placed a motion activated camera at the end of the trail hoping to get a video of an alligator or a panther. When he went to check for pictures it had been torn off of the tree. Looking at the photos he discovered there were several very clear pictures of a bear that for some reason or other found the camera annoying! Before the end of the day those pictures were on his website.

Did I happen to mention there might be a mosquito or two…. or a billion? Thankfully, we were prepared… long sleeve shirts, long pants, netting to cover our heads provided by the guide and plenty of strong repellent. For me who happens to be a big time, disgusting, “sweater,” it was a joy having all that clothing on in the heat and humidity… yeah right.

So the question… were there mosquitos in the Garden of Eden? HECK NO!! THEY ARE CRITTERS FROM HELL!!!!! Well okay, I don’t really know.  That’s my theological contribution for the day. You are welcome to comment any way you wish.

For the most part, I just enjoyed the day with dear friends and relatives. We spend very little time together, so the exhausting hike, sweat, bugs, heat… was well worth it… uh yeah… sort of… in a really hot, uncomfortable, sweaty, buggy sort of way.



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