Betty Muth

July 5, 2012

Betty Muth went to be with the Lord at 1:45 this morning. I know that name won’t mean anything to many of you reading this note. Let me tell you just a little bit about her. Betty was a kind, gentle, Christian woman who served her church and her Lord in the most quiet, inconspicuous ways. I cannot imagine one person on this planet who would not have loved her if given the opportunity to be with her for any length of time. I can’t say for sure what she was like as a mom or a grandmother but I suspect all of us would have been privileged to call her one of those two names.

Betty is irreplaceable here at Mt. Vernon Church. I don’t mean that we can’t find people to do the “jobs” she did. I mean there was a spirit about her that is now gone and no other person will carry that torch forward. Don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of great people here; people who will serve Jesus, and gently lead. But none will do it with the grace and sensitivity of Betty Muth.

Only one month ago now we began what I hope will become a meaningful tradition here at Mt. Vernon Church. Every 6 months we will award a plaque to a most special volunteer. The plaque is unique in that it was made by a member of our church (Bill Smart) and has an aluminum cross on top that was mounted on our old church sign for decades. The plaque will travel from one volunteer’s home to another. I am SO glad we got it finished and awarded it to Betty as the first recipient before she became ill!!! It might have been the last healthy Sunday she was in church.

No doubt we all have aspiration for our lives. Things we want to finish, start, work on… Places we want to go… Goals we would like to reach…. Some call it a “bucket list.” Let me suggest that one worthy goal is to become someone who is irreplaceable. Again, I don’t mean in the “no one can do my job” sort of irreplaceable. I mean in the “there is an amazing spirit missing here that ________ brought to our lives.” Everyone of us who have ever been born will one day breathe our last. I wonder what others will say about us? I wonder how many of us will be irreplaceable in someone’s eyes? I hate the thought of hurting people but I have to admit being irreplaceable in the eyes of those I love isn’t such a bad thing.

Today I am deeply saddened over the loss of Betty Muth… a gentle giant in the faith. But I also know there is great rejoicing in the heavens. Rest well Betty. We all love you.


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