February 24, 2012

Cambridge Maryland

“This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Today is the day this phrase is referring to!   Well at least it was. It’s February 24th and the temperature today reached the lower 70’s with the sun shining in between beautiful clouds with a bright blue background. My little friends the geese were happily honking and hanging out. The water was calm and majestic. All was well in the world of isolation. Well until the wind kicked up… and the sky turned gray… and the thunder clap hit… and the waves slopped over the dock… and the geese started honking incessantly… And eventually the rain started. Not little dainty drops but sheet after sheet. I tried to get some pictures which I’ll attach but I don’t know how well they will come out.

It occurred to me on some level that this is a metaphor for life. All is going well… we rejoice in our lives and our jobs and hobbies. Those we love seem safe and healthy. There doesn’t seem any reason to think this cannot continue for a long period of time. And then suddenly and unexpectedly the sky turns gray and the rain begins to fall. Maybe it comes via a phone call from your doctor and you hear the words “stage 4”. Or it could be at work and your boss says “downsizing. Maybe it’s a rejection letter or a Dear John note. It could be the phone rings at 3:00 a.m. and you hear the word “died”. There must be thousands of examples. But one thing for sure, at some point our thoughts will turn to God. Whether we confess Him or not! You know what they say about foxholes. Maybe we fling up one of those “just in case you are real” prayers.

And then there are those in the Christian world that would have us believe that God’s children can have it all. After all, it’s God’s desires that we be rich and healthy right? And if you’re not, you just need to conjure up some more faith. (Oh yeah, and send money) If the sky turns gray, it’s because of you have not “sown your seed”, or it’s because you lack faith in God. These people worship a god of their own design and making. They worship a god they can control. In the Narnia series written by C.S. Lewis, Lucy asks a question of one of the creatures in Narnia about the lion Aslan who is the figure of Jesus. “Is he a tame lion?” she asks nervously. The reply, “Oh no, he is not a tame lion!”

The God of the scriptures is not a tame God and He surely will not be tamed by us! There are no guarantees in this life… there is just Jesus! When the waves splash over our heads… when the skies turn gray… when the thunder claps… he says: “I’ve got you. Hold on to me. I am here and will not let you go.” I know, it would be our preference that the waves never get high and the sky is always blue. However, that is not the world we live in.

One Christian author says “develop your faith in Jesus during the good times so it can carry you through the bad times.” I don’t know what your life is looking like right about now but what do you think of that fella Jesus?


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