February 21, 2012

Cambridge Maryland

I’m assuming that most, if not all of us, know the difference between introverts and extroverts. Generally speaking (Very generally speaking!) extroverts like being with others and introverts like being alone. You might also know that one of the ways to determine your own tendencies in these areas is to ask yourself this question: Do I tend to gain energy and vitality by being with others, or with being by myself? If it is by being with others then you are and extrovert and if by yourself… well you get the idea. I have certainly historically been an extrovert. And frankly I don’t think those traits change much in our lives. That being said, I have been here in Cambridge for 7 weeks now… mostly alone… and I am learning to like it. I really don’t know what that means. Seriously, I really don’t. The week Ellen was here she was surprised by how quiet I was. It was wholly unintentional. She seemed to think that because I was relaxed there weren’t all sorts of thoughts uncontrollably swirling around in my brain. That could be. (For those who do not plan a sermon or presentation weekly you might be surprised to discover how much it dominates ones thoughts. Sometimes I get asked “how long does it take to prepare a sermon?” I usually say something like “does that include the time I am sitting at a red light thinking about it? Or the time while in the shower thinking about it? Or the time while shopping for groceries thinking about it? Or the time when I’m trying to fall asleep…)

Don’t get me wrong. I miss my family terribly. And I would rejoice if my time here were completed today. But I think for reasons that I can’t really explain… I need to stay here until the commitment I made to the Lord is complete. I am going to Virginia for the month of March to stay with family. I will have a similar regiment to the one I have here. Reading, praying, relaxing… I do have a few day trips I want to take like the one I took to D.C.

I want to go visit the 700 club in Virginia Beach. Not that I’m a 700 clubber… Some of you might know that I modeled for a painting of the Last Supper when I was in seminary… big beard, lots of hair… The painting is 28’ long and 6 ½’ high and it hangs in the headquarters of the 700 Club. I have not seen it in many, many years and I thought it might be fun to go and visit.

I also hope to make a trip to Appomattox Courthouse in Virginia along with the town of Bedford also in Virginia. (Not Bedford PA) Appomattox Courthouse is the name of the town where Lee surrendered to Grant to conclude the Civil War. (Yes, it is a town, not a courthouse. The surrender took place in a private residence) And Bedford (about an hour west of Appomattox Courthouse) is the home of a memorial to the fallen on D Day. You might wonder why Bedford? Tragically they have the distinction of being the town that lost the most soldiers per capita of any town in the country on that tragic day. I’m grateful to Robin and Ed Gorelcyk for telling me about this place.

These are not places where I would have had any interest in visiting as a young person. But as one learns a little bit about history (very little) there is something moving about standing in places on this planet where life changing events happened. Even though the Civil War concluded 90 years before I was born it still changed the world that I live in. Incidentally, my mother had a great uncle who was in the Civil War and lived to be over 100 years of age. I can remember her telling my sisters and I that he used to brag about the fact that he voted for Lincoln. Imagine, my mother knew someone who not only was alive during the Civil War, but was old enough to have voted for Abraham Lincoln!!! Another aside… There are more books written about Lincoln than any person in history outside of Jesus!

Well it’s time to call it a day. My thoughts and prayers are with many of you daily.


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